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Weissberg Family | Denver

I love this time of year, when I get to see all of my regular families again for their holiday photos. I say "regular" like I've been in Colorado for years, but this is my second year (well going into it, technically I've lived here for 16 months) + honestly I've seen so many "regular" returning client faces that it makes my heart leap with joy. It might not mean much to you, but watching the kids grow in front of my lens means so much to me. Thank you for coming back.

I want to feel like home to my clients. I want them to think of me as a friend, or family member. I like knowing who you are, what you do, your favorite things. Not in a creepy way at all, but in a way so that I can capture the TRUE you. When you are celebrating a milestone, I am there for you. When you decide to add to your family, I am here. When you need new headshots for that new job, guess who is here for you? I want to be your forever family photographer friend. So many of you are already that to me, friends/family. My goal is to be relatable to you. :) Thank you for choosing me + if you ever need any sort of photography in the near future, I pray that you keep ME in mind. xx Now, here's the beautiful Weissberg family...I just adore this crew. They're wild, silly, trendy + fun! Happy holidays!

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