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Shen Family | Highlands Ranch

So much fun doing photos in the SNOW! I know, I know, some of you probably don't think so, but this is my first year as a photographer in the snow...ha ha. These photos come out soooooo beautiful. I wish more of my clients wanted snow photos. If you are thinking about it, just DO it, reach out to me + we will make that session one to remember. I promise you will love it. Bundle up + let's go!

I was so excited to meet the Shen family, what a sweet little family they are. Little miss Molly was a hard nut to crack at first, but had her happy little moments. What a little baby doll she is. Loved her little blue dress against the white snow. Beautiful + fun session, I am so happy with it + I know they are too.

If you would love a SNOW session this season (even early in the new year), I would LOVE to chat with you! Let's bundle up, bring some hot cocoa, a flannel blanket + some fur boots + let's plan this.

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