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Self Portrait Project | February

At the beginning of the year I was inspired by other AMAZINGLY talented photographer friends to push myself outside of my box. Or bubble. Whatever you want to call it, do something that made me feel a little uncomfortable for a change to CREATE something new.

I feel like I have overcome SO much in my life...there's a lot you will probably never know about me, my past, my pain, although I do share a lot on my social media so I can feel relatable. I just think there is so much beauty in people. I never thought I was beautiful. But these self portraits are giving me life. I can finally see it. I am not perfect, even though I eat pretty decent (80% of the time) and I work out like a feen because that's just me, I can see the imperfections. But...that's life. This is me. I am here to document myself this year. I am sort of having fun at it as well. I didn't blog about January's self portraits, because I didn't know what I was doing really, but here's a photo from it that I really liked. It took me maybe an hour to just get one or two decent images.

I had fun doing it, so I figured I would proceed with doing self portraits ONCE a month in 2022. I really had fun with February's selfies and tried to do some silly, crazy poses in front of the tripod/camera. These are from my February session and I am already planning something (hopefully crazy cool) for March! I can't wait to keep this going and see my improvement and push others to get IN FRONT of the camera as well even when it feels super uncomfortable.

I think I will (try) to continued blogging these as well. The difference between January and February self portraits is I purchased a nice tripod stand for my camera. I have a remote as well but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use it SO I am using my Canon 5d Mark IV's self timer and shooting off 5-10 frames at a time. I think I may like that better than a remote so it catches me in different motions. We shall see where this leads, but for now I am enjoying the playfulness of being in front of the camera. xx

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