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I haven't blogged in THREE whole months, I am so very sorry! I am not sure if anyone actually reads blog posts anymore? Is anyone reading this? If so, please "like" this post or comment below, I would love to hear from you...hopefully this will at least boost up my SEO, ha ha. So as you may (or may not) know, I have been working on a SELF portrait project this year. I cannot believe I am half way through the year and each portrait session seems to be getting better and better. I started these in January 2022 just to push myself through my comfort zone. I was (still am some days) going through a healing process of pushing past an abusive childhood - that bled into my adulthood. One of the hardest thing I had to do was let a family member go...just move on without this person. This person doesn't want to truly change or grow and it was super tough, but it has made ME super tough as well. I am very proud of myself and my growth just from this past year. I am no different than you or anyone else. We have ALL had to push past some really hard challenges in life and maybe we weren't gifted with a "good hand" or even a healthy family growing up, but it is how we change and grow that GROWS us. Every day I feel like I am a little bit of a better person and less self destructive.

I hope that these self portraits help others too. We are beautiful inside and out (even when we don't feel like it most days). We can laugh, grow, THRIVE, we can heal. I hope to inspire others with my story one day...I hope to inspire others through my art, always. xx

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