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Newborn Theo | Erie Photographer

I really want to set a goal for myself to blog at least once a week (instead of once every other month as I am currently, ha ha). I think the hardest part of blogging for me is...words! I would rather the pictures speak for themselves + I am not even sure a lot of people actually READ my blog, but it is pretty fun to talk about some of my highlighted/favorite sessions. Just because YOUR session doesn't make it to the blog doesn't mean it isn't special. It just means I picked ONE out of a handful to highlight each week. I promise that ALL of my clients are very very special to me.

Speaking of special, it's always SO special to me when I get the honor of coming to your home to do an intimate in-home newborn + family photo session. I love meeting you in your home, everyone is so laid back, it's total zen for me (even when you have wild toddlers running amuck, I love it). I always feel at home + like I am part of your family. More so, I think, than even an outdoor family photo session. Just because I get to get a feel of your "home vibes". This sweet family was amazing. I loved photographing their family with handsome baby Theo (with his head full of dark hair). Then my one-on-one with baby Theo, where he never once slept, ha ha. It turned out so cute though + he has the brightest, alert little eyes. So adorable. I got to snuggle + capture his tininess, which is my favorite thing to do. These babies always bring me so much JOY. I so appreciate you letting me come to your home to savor these moments. Thank you. xo

If you are expecting a new baby soon, I would LOVE to chat with you about booking your in-home newborn session. These are fleeting moments that you won't regret getting documented + I would love to be a part of it. Please email me at or text/call me at (720) 955-6100.

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