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Newborn Jack | Castle Pines

Oh boy, so one thing I am really going to start working on more this year (now that we are five months into this crazy year, ha ha) is BLOGGING. Wow it's been awhile. I have so much to share so hang in there + thank you for reading!

I have truly discovered that one of my most precious, treasured + FAVORITE (dare I say that?) subjects to photograph lately are my NEWBORNS. Yup, it's true. I don't know whether it's just the zen vibes they create for me in their sweet little space, in the comfort of their own home or what but I am definitely in LOVE with every single session I have had these past few months. From their tiny toes, to their nose, mouth + peach fuzz...I could eat these babies up alllll day long (sorry if that sounds weird, I promise you it's meant in love, always ha ha).

Sweet baby Jackson, or as I nicknamed Jack was AMAZING. He first of all had the sweetest demeanor whether he was awake + alert or sleeping, not one peep was made from him. Secondly, he is probably one of the most PERFECT babies I have ever photographed as far as clear skin + load of lush hair goes. Wow...what a precious baby boy! Thank you R family for letting me capture these sweet moments of your baby boy. I hope you treasure them always. I'll never forget my time with you + baby Jack. xo

If you are expecting a baby this year + would like more info on my in-home newborn sessions (I am fully vaccinated + healthy, but also still wear a mask)...please feel free to contact me at or text/call me at (720) 955-6100. I serve the Denver, Colorado area + am willing to travel as well. I would LOVE to hear from you! Have a great day.

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