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Lyra + Hazel | Unicorn Photography

I just cannot get over how ADORABLE these sweet magical unicorn sessions are. I am so blessed that I have met so many wonderful people (especially my dear friend Amy, Biscuit's mama). I truly am so very happy. Love love LOVE these magical sessions + how much JOY they bring to your little ones. It really makes my heart happy when they get to meet the unicorn + take some fun happy photos with him.

Lyra + Hazel (um can we talk about how AMAZING these names are by the way) absolutely LOVED hanging out with our unicorn this day. In the end they didn't want to leave, you will for sure pick out that photo below, ha ha. So I know they had a great time with this session. What a gorgeous day too! Thank you so much Philly for letting your sweet girls have a day with the unicorn!

If you are interested in a session like this please email me to be put on my unicorn wait list - yes, we only offer these sessions every so often so there IS a wait list for them, but don't worry usually doesn't take too long for the magic to happen.

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