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Linehan Family | 17 Mile Farmhouse Parker

Oh I will never forget this adorable family...they are so kind + easy going. One of the very first families I photographed when I first moved to Colorado just merely two months ago. It is not easy being the "new kid on the block" but Katie booked with me right away + trusted ME to capture some significant moments for her sweet family. I feel like I did just that. Thank you Linehan family for being so amazing. I truly appreciate it + I can't wait to continue this photography relationship with you for years to come.

Also, let me say, the 17 Mile Farmhouse is a very popular place for family photos...but also a very historic + cool, unique spot. With a red barn, white little house + a WIDE open space to do photos around sunset, it's just so perfect. If you would like your holiday photos taken here please mention it to me. I can't wait to go back!

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