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Jess | Parker Unicorn Photographer

My love for fantasy photography has grown + grown SO much over the past few years, I am always looking for new ways to SHOUT TO THE WORLD that EVERYONE needs a photo session with a real live unicorn. This precious lady heard my screams! I was totally GIDDY when Jess (an adult woman) wanted to book a UNICORN photo session. Now I think that EVERY woman (and man, no stereotyping here) ought to do a photo session with my unicorn.

The moment Jess entered the field I could feel her positive, loving vibe. She came bearing a gift for Biscuit, my unicorn as well, an apple. I think she set the scene here because Biscuit A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y fell in LOVE with Jess! I have seriously never seen him react the way he did with her + how deeply he LOVED her. You can definitely feel it in these photos + I will share these for ETERNITY because I am personally SO in love. xo If you are interested in booking a unicorn session - I'd love to hear from you! It could be for your child(ren), girls + boys, women + men are ALL welcomed here. I'd love to help you create the session you've been dreaming about. Please send me a message + let's connect.

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