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Gabrielsen | Parker Family Photographer

I always love meeting new families and especially when I get to photograph them and document a monumental time in their lives. Such as their baby boy turning ONE! I had a wonderful time with this crew and baby C made me laugh with his mean mug at times, then of course I got him to crack a little smile. The key to a successful family photo session is to really just...have fun. Play a little, lower your expectations of how YOU think the session is going to go (or how you want it to go), because chances are...if your expectations are set too high, you'll be disappointed. But there was not ONE disappointment at this session I tell you! We jumped, played, sang patty-cake, made fart noises, ha ha...anything for a smile. Lots of joy, love and laughter this day and I cannot WAIT to watch this family grow and photograph them again soon! Thank you Gabrielsen family for trusting ME with these happy you are my client. xx

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