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Frazier Family | Denver

Another day, another family SNOW session...I absolutely love these + wished that more families wanted to do them. If you're just now following me + my blog, I moved to Colorado merely six months ago from sunny California + I absolutely LOVE it here. I have lived in snow before (I grew up in the midwest/south) + I was also stationed at Hill AFB in Utah, so I know snow. I am so happy to be living in it again. Especially out here in Colorado where it's pretty much always SUNNY even when there is snow. Apparently it seems that we've had a mild winter thus far, but you better believe as soon as it snows again I will be hopping on social media BEGGING families to come out + play with me! Let's create a super special snowy session for your family. Throw on your beanies, scarves, bundle up in your North Face + Canada Goose coats + grab your Sorels + let's DOOOO THIS! I promise you we will have so much fun + create some GORGEOUS photos all while playing in the snow (don't worry, I bring hot hands along every time, ha ha). xo

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