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Denver Children Photography

Being a family + children photographer is such a DREAM for me. I am so happy to be doing what I love...creating art + memories for your family for years to come. We all know that little ones do not stay little forever. Take it from me, I have an 18 year old + a 10 year old at home...not sure how that happened since I am still in my early 30's...ha ha (I wish). You get the point. If it weren't for photos to look back on, I'd probably forget just how itty bitty they used to be.

Photography brings it all back, marks a memory, a time in your life that you want to grasp onto forever. You can never get that moment back, except through your photos. That is why I feel my job is THE BEST because I literally freeze time for you, even if it's just one moment. I know it sounds sappy, maybe it is, but it's true + it makes me happy!

When booking your photographer you definitely want to make sure that you have some sort of connection with them. I know the investment part is super important too, but don't you want to make sure you are investing in the best possible person to do the job + do a beautiful job? Someone to capture the BEST moments, not just the cheesy "cheeeeeeeeese" smiles? I feel like I am THAT person for you. I can totally get down on my knees + act a fool so that your kids feel comfortable + have open dialog so that they open up for the camera. The goal here is to make them laugh naturally. I actually don't even like the word cheese. Ha!

I love what I do, I feel like it shows + the end result is always great. I love meeting new families + getting to know my clients better so that I can capture them in a way that suites them. I feel like photography is a relationship we have between each other - I always feel like I'm part of the family when I am clicking my camera with you in front of it. I am happy to make your visions come to well as adding some of my own ideas in the mix. If you are looking for a family/children photographer + live in the Denver, Colorado area...I'd LOVE to chat! I am sure I can find a photo package that suites your needs financially (I do accept payment plans), emotionally (I'm all about capturing firsts + new life!), whatever milestone you need + want to remember...I am there. I can't wait to talk to you! xo

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