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Aller | Littleton Photographer

Let me just start this post by I haven't been really good about blogging. My goal is to get better about that. I ran into a little snag on social media - well mainly Instagram, I was deleting accounts (fitness + macro counting accounts ha ha) I no longer cared to follow and I was temporarily (am, temporarily) blocked from my Instagram account. It got me thinking, if social media were to crash and burn today...what would I have to show for it? All I have after that is my website, my blog, my clients/referrals...which is ALL I really need. I am going to start blogging more to show off my most recent work that I am proud of. I hope you will continue to follow me. Also, I am out of "Instagram jail" on August 28th, ha ha ha ha! Whatever. ;) Check out one of my FAVORITE clients...this lady is always going above and beyond with her outfits and I LOVE it. So much. Jess, you are just amazing and beautiful, inside and out. I love you. It was so much fun following you around and fluffing up your red dress! Can't wait to see what adventure we do next! xx

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