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All together now | Centennial Photographer

It is always + will forever feel like an HONOR to photograph extended family while they're on vacation together. I am so very happy that this family reached out to me. One of the sisters found my photography website + reached out to coordinate her other two sisters, their families as well as their parents to do a huge family photo session. I scoped out one of my favorite GORGEOUS spots in Centennial, CO + the rest is history. We had fun, laughed, played it cool when none of the kids wanted their photos taken (because if you don't go with it, the kids will pick up on that ha ha)...we chatted + come to find out, this cool bunch is actually all originally from WHERE I WAS BORN near St Louis, MO! Wow wow wowwww what a small small world! I think we connected even closer after that conversation, ha ha. Just love the way these turned out.

If you have family in town, or if you are not living in the Denver area but would like to coordinate an extended family session such as this one -- I'd LOVE to be your girl! Please feel free to reach out to me for more info on your next family photo session. xo

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