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Hey there, HAPPY NEW YEAR! This year I want to reallllllly try to blog more. If you see this post, I would LOVE for you to leave a comment just so that I know people are looking. (thank you, feels good to be seen, ya know?) These photos were taken actually back in OCTOBER...I am six months new to Colorado, but I must far the winter has been uber MILD compared to what I was expecting. I mean, it is early January + I feel like it snowed more in October/November than it did in December/so far this month. I know, I know, I probably just totally jinxed it right? I mean...I kind of hope I did! We have fresh new tubes + sleds to go tubing/sledding + my kids got snowboarding/ski clothes for Christmas, ha! Also, I am a LITTLE obsessed with my very first SNOW sessions (this one included). I couldn't wait for a BIG snow + boy we got it here (in October). Not only that it was SO COLD...12 degrees to be exact at this very snow session, ha ha. Now THAT was cold. But you'd never be able to tell it by these photos. Loved this sweet family + they bared the freezing temps just to get some sweet family photos. This was booked as a 15 minute session, but I feel like we only used up 5 mins to keep the baby happy. Speaking of that...mama said it's always so hard to get her daughter to smile + well, leave it to me + doing my goofy noises + voice, she was happy the entire time!

If you're interested in booking a session in the SNOW, I would lovvvveeeee to be your girl! I can't wait to do more, so please message me if you want a fun, snowy white session. xo

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