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Newborn Sessions: Studio vs. In-Home...

When it comes to booking your newborn session, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. I currently offer THREE different types of newborn sessions. In-home (where I come to you), full studio (where you come to me, family is included) and half studio (you come to me, newborn only). I will go through each one and let you know more so that you are better prepared to choose which newborn session you would like to book.

After you read this - if you have additional questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at (720) 955-6100 or

I'd be happy to help you choose!


Studio - Full Session  - $500

Package includes: up to 2 hours in-studio photography to include family/siblings/newborn solo photos + all digital images included in this package in both color and black + white.

This session is perfect if you don't like the aesthetic of the inside of your home, or the lighting isn't great (although I do photograph in very low light but the images may come out a bit more "moody") or you just love the look/feel of the studio images. These are more posed, less candid, I will assist you with your wardrobe + styling as neutrals photograph best in the studio setting. No shoes preferred. I have a rustic wood floor/backdrop that will be the main set up as well as a cream backdrop + a black backdrop that we can switch out/use. 

With my full studio package you have access to ALL of my swaddles, furs, headbands, newborn outfits, prop vessels such as my wooden heart bowl, terra cotta clay bowl, wooden newborn bed, baskets/crates/buckets to place your baby in for photos.

This package includes family/sibling photos as well as newborn solo photos.

To see some examples of my studio newborn sessions please >>> CLICK HERE <<<



Studio - Half Session  - $350

Package includes: up to 1 hour in-studio photography to include newborn ONLY + 8 digital images of your choice (color and black/white). Additional images are $25 each or the full edited gallery for an additional $150.

This session is perfect if you don't want to be in the photos yet and just want to focus on baby solo. You will have full access to all of my props and sets up, usually babies will get through about 2-3 different set ups depending on baby's personality + mood that day. Easy, simple session and I will guide you on how to prep for this session BEFOREHAND so that your baby is ready to go as soon as you get to the studio.

Examples of newborn half sessions are in the same link as above (they just do not include family/siblings). 

In-Home Session - $600

Package includes: up to 2 hours in-home photography to include family/siblings/FUR siblings (pets)/newborn solo photos + all digital images included in this package in both color and black + white.

I love these sessions because they are in the comfort of your own home. I will capture your family/siblings/pets/newborn in more of a "lifestyle" setting, on the master bed, couch in living room, baby's nursery, etc. Your home should have ample natural light (turn off all artificial light + open all curtains + blinds to see), but I have photographed in super low light apartments with great results as well. 

With my in-home sessions, I travel LIGHT. Meaning you won't see as many props as what I carry in my studio. For in-home newborn sessions I bring THREE swaddle wraps, a few headbands for girls, 1-2 fur stuffers + ONE vessel (bowl/basket to put baby in for solo photos). I mainly use your home + the inside dwellings for photos. Lots of photos of baby with family, older siblings with baby, baby on the master bed, baby in the nursery, family in the nursery, etc. I use whatever I see fit in your home. You are more than welcome to lay out special outfits + "props" you have around your house as well, but these are more "lifestyle" focused. 

This package includes family/sibling/pet photos as well as newborn solo photos.

To see some examples of my studio newborn sessions please >>> CLICK HERE <<<

Again, if you have any questions at all about my newborn packages, please reach out to chat. I would be more than happy to assist you! Side note about the studio - no pets allowed (there have been exceptions, but for newborn sessions there are no pets allowed, so sorry).

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